Computer and Internet Application Skills

Internet Applications can be difficult and strange if you have not dealt with them before, and with many employers requesting that you fill out your application only online we need all the help we can get! Below are some online resources for basic computer skills, as well as filling out internet applications.

Basic Computer Skills

What is the internet and how do I use it? A tutorial can be found on the NC Dislocated Worker Toolkit

Mousing Around Tutorial!: A chance to practice your skills with a mouse

Microsoft Digital Literacy: A group of free self-paced tutorials from Microsoft to teach and assess basic computer concepts and skills.

Want to Take Classes? Computer Skills Classes are offered at WPCC and through the Burke County Public Library

Pre-Application Information

Before a job searcher begins to fill out a job application they will need to have a valid email address.
Free email accounts are available at the following sites

Worksmart - Tips For Success; tips on filling out a job application

Fill in Fact Sheet to carry with you on your job search, from

Application Check List

Application Checklist: a PDF checklist of all the information you will normally need to fill out an application

Online Application Hints

Practice Online Application
A chance to practice your online application skills. From KOKUA (the Hawaii Career Information Delivery System)

Job Application Guide
This job application guide includes information on how to complete a job application, including paper applications, online applications, and employer-direct applications. You can also review job application samples, examples, and forms.

Online Jobs and Kiosks from the Riley Guide
Information about online application and in-store computer application kiosks. Includes helpful hints and examples.

Online Application Practice

A chance to practice your online application skills.

Practice Online Application from KOKUA (the Hawaii Career Information Delivery System)

Practice Online Application from Experience Works

Practice Online Application from the NC State Library