Community Support:

Employment and Training Resources for Burke County.

Burke County Employment Security Commission Offices:

Help in dealing with Unemployment and finding a job

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720 East Union Street
Morganton, NC 28655
Telephone: 828-438-6161
Fax: 828-438-6207
Email: Morganton ESC
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm

The Employment Security Commission operates a statewide, no fee, public labor exchange. The programís primary objective is to function as a "job broker" to meet the needs of employers and job seekers statewide by locating qualified workers for employers, and by referring job seekers to jobs that best suit their skills, knowledge and abilities. Staff provides employment counseling, clerical proficiency testing, and referral to other entities that can provide supportive services. Intensive services are provided to veterans, disabled individuals and unemployment insurance recipients. Program services are available to anyone who is a citizen of the United States or a documented alien authorized to work in this country.

Program services are delivered through a system of staff services and on-line, automated service techniques. Services are provided at 90 local offices and one public housing project. Additionally staff are outstationed on a full or part-time basis at 29 Departments of Social Services, 6 military bases, 56 community college campuses, and 4 universities. Additionally the Employment Service is involved in providing services at JobLink Centers by either functioning as the host or providing staff.

Burke County JobLink Career Center

Help with finding a Job!

Western Piedmont Community College

Offering computer classes, GED classes, and supporting the job-seekers of the county

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1001 Burkemont Avenue
Morganton, NC 28655
Telephone: 828-438-6000
Fax: 828-438-6015

Fifty-eight Community Colleges exist throughout North Carolina. Each offers students access to basic skills (literacy, GED preparation, adult high school, English as a Second Language, and compensatory education for adults with mental retardation), human resources development (basic workplace skills), occupational continuing education (specific job skills), and curriculum courses (certificate and degree programs).

All North Carolinians can participate in Adult Basic Education and Human Resources Development courses free of charge. Adult Basic Education provides basic skills training for adults, 16 years of age or older and out of school, who function at less than a high school level. Human Resources Development Program (HRD) offers pre-employment training, counseling, and assistance with job placement or further training for unemployed and underemployed adults. HRD focuses on the development of basic workplace skills which are key to employment readiness. These skills include: job readiness skills, interpersonal skills and group effectiveness, motivation and goal-setting skills, listening and oral communication skills, problem-solving skills, and assessment of career and employment goals.

The Community College System tries to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for students by keeping tuition very low. For in state students the tuition rate is $20.00 per credit hour and $280.00 maximum per semester. Out-of-state students are charged $163.00 per credit hour and $2,282 maximum per semester. Continuing education courses (Occupational Extension courses) are available for a charge of $35 each. State and federally funded grants, loans, scholarships, and programs for disadvantaged and dislocated workers are available to provide tuition assistance to eligible candidates.

Burke County United Way

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301 East Meeting Street
Morganton, NC 28655
Telephone: (828) 433-0681
Sally Learned, Executive Director

United Way focuses on human services that affect people, supporting 18 private non-profit agencies and 21 programs for people in Burke County. These agencies have earned the right to be member agencies by meeting our communityís highest standards of quality service, financial efficiency and accountability.

For a list of the agencies or more information on the United Way, see their website.

Burke County Department of Social Services

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P.O. Box 549
Human Resources Center 700 E. Parker Road
Morganton, NC 28680-0549
Telephone: 828-439-2000
Fax: 828-439-2137
Mr. Paul Burge, Director
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Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Helping those with disabilites to become employed

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Western Regional VR Facility
P.O. Box 1443 Enola Road
Morganton, NC 28680
Telephone: 828-438-6426
Fax: 828-433-2288
Clifford File, Facility Director

Vocational Rehabilitation operates a statewide program of rehabilitation services to enable working-aged persons with disabilities to become gainfully employed and to live as independently as possible. The objective of the program is to assist persons who have a mental, physical, or learning disability to develop and complete a program of rehabilitation services that will result in employment. Services can include job placement, vocational and academic training, physical restoration (prosthetics/orthotics, hospitalization/medication, speech/physical/occupational therapy, hearing/visual services, etc.) rehabilitation engineering and technology services to assist with home, vehicle or job modifications; assistive technology or equipment used to increase the independence of an individual with a disability at home, work, or in the community; tools/uniforms/equipment required for employment; and other services in support of achieving an employment outcome.

The population served by the VR program consists of persons who have a mental or physical disability that is an impediment to employment and who require a program of VR services to become employed. Vocational Rehabilitation is a public program and no fee is charged. Many services such as job placement and counseling are offered to eligible persons with disabilities without consideration of income. For other services that VR may provide, income must be considered. Programs are delivered by rehabilitation counselors and support staff located in 32 unit offices and two rehabilitation facilities and 16 independent living offices that serve all 100 counties in North Carolina.

Welfare-to-Work Program

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Welfare-to-Work was enacted to meet the needs of the hardest to employ welfare recipients and the non-custodial parents of welfare recipients. Eligible participants include those who have multiple barriers to employment such as basic skill deficiencies, poor or no work histories, and substance abuse problems. WtW is grounded in the "work first" philosophy, therefore, the primary focus of the program is job placement assistance. Occupational and basic skills training and supportive services are not available until participants become employed.

Burke County Public Library

Supporting your job search through computer classes and employment resources

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204 S. King Street
Morganton, NC 28655
(828) 437-5638
TTD: (828) 437-9805
Fax: (828) 433-1914

The Burke County Public Library seeks to meet the informational, educational and recreational needs of its users - including programming and computer skills classes.

Free computer classes are taught on a consistent basis. See the Library webpage for schedule and sign-up information. For Programming Information, see The Library Homepage