Career Skills and Tests

This page provides a list of locations where you can find online resources for a variety of topics involving skills.
There are self-assesment tests and career matching tests, as well as practice tests and
study guides for a variety of courses and licensing/certification.

Internet Resources

The North Carolina Career Resource Network has online resources for career information, self assessment, and employment trends in North Carolina.

This system serves as the nation's primary source of occupational information. O*NET® Career Exploration Tools are self-directed career exploration/assessment tools to help workers consider and plan career options, preparation, and transitions more effectively.

NC LIVE Resources

You can also get career and job search information by using programs provided by the library through NC LIVE. Members can access these databases from the library’s website. Ask your librarian for the current NC LIVE password.

NC Live has added a new program focusing just on jobs and careers! Check out:

NC Live has gathered all the job and career programs into one easy to use starting point!